You are running your social media platforms.

But do you know what’s working, what’s failing and what can be improved upon across them?

Whether you have never done a social media audit before or are unsure if you did it right, I have got you covered.

With an authentic, transparent, objective advice, my social media audit of you platform(s) will empower you to know which areas to focus your resources to get the best results.


I offer a social media audit which includes:

  • a detailed social review of key elements of your platform
  • proposed recommendations based on the platform review
  • a detailed review of key elements of your content
  • outlining metrics to look at to identify how your profiles are performing such as engagement, link clicks, shares, referral traffic, impressions
  • providing my findings and recommendations based on the content review
  • summary of my findings on what works and what needs improvement
  • way forward
£100 per 1 platform
£170 per 2 platforms
£240 per 3 platforms