Roswitha Fey is an artist and a music teacher. She paints her own creations and she gives painting classes in her studio in Sierksdorf. Her artistic focus is found in abstract painting, which has evolved over the years.
She uses worship to paint music that inspires her to create spontaneous images, full of energy and passion.

As an artist she wanted to have her creations displayed on Instagram so she approached me to help her run her Instagram platform.


Roswitha’s art talks for itself so the main focus was to present her work on the Instagram grid and sparingly add photos of herself, quotes and her environment where she paints.


for Roswitha Fey Instagram click here


Roswitha’s Instagram is growing nicely in her followers and engagement and she is very happy with her visual presence on this platform.


“My Instagram looks amazing now. Thank you so much for all your hard work.”

Roswitha from Roswitha Fey Art