✪ HI, I’M MAJA ✪

I am a mum of two and a wife of one. Architect by education with over ten years experience in this field and passionate about graphic design and everything where creativity plays its roll.



I changed my career path from being an architect to a social media manager for one reason only. To have a flexible working time while looking after my family. That was the first and main reason.

I joined the Social Media Management Course run by Digital Mums (FIND OUT MORE HERE) and I have never looked back. I realised that I can still use my designing skills and incorporate them into social media. Perfect combination.

With my background in architecture and design, being obsessed with aesthetics, I always aim to approach a polished content that connects with audiences. I try to understand the big picture and all the little details and I use my creative skills and computer knowledge to create a standing out content suitable for social media platforms .

With the combination of experience in both worlds, design/architecture and social media I can creatively unlock your social media potential.

And I try hard.